Content Designer 
& Digital Strategist

I work one-on-one with small business owners to create kick-ass content marketing plans – and use my design & tech skills to help execute them.

I’m a graphic designer & digital marketer based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I graduated from NSCC waterfront with the Highest Recognition award, and have worked with a range of companies from Print Houses to Tech Start-ups.

I fell in love with digital marketing and social media while in school and freelanced my skills on the side for a few years before leaping two-feet-first into freelancing full-time in December 2016.

Using my design, web and marketing skills together, I’ve been privileged to plan and execute marketing strategies with small business owners, professional coaches and retail shops since then.

I function as a one-stop-shop for solo entrepreneurs who are looking to scale their marketing efforts, add a passive income stream or simplify their software and drop the overwhelm.

Whether you need someone to build your content strategy or just build the visual graphics to make your brand pop —I’m your girl.

Hello Sweetie Design

Some of you might have found your way to me from one of my personal projects; the biggest one being my hand lettering stationery brand, Hello Sweetie.

First of, heck yes that is a Doctor Who reference. This business came out of an over-excited conversation over coffee with my good friend Sarah who shares a love of all things nerdy. The idea of sharing a greeting card line’s name with an iconic phrase from our fave show of the time struck me as hilarious and the name has been the same ever since.

The shop will be reopening for DCAF in August, so I hope to see you there! Have an idea for a lettering phrase? Send me an email. If your phrase is used, I’ll send you a print of the phrase and some Hello Sweetie goodies.

Key Clients List 

You’re in the right place if:

You're looking for a Graphic Designer who gets digital marketing.

You need some technical help with your website or landing page.

You're looking for a strategy behind how to turn your talents into profit online.

All of the above and the training so you can do it yourself.

“Um, I have a question.”

Honestly, I’d be worried if you didn’t. If you can’t find what you’re looking for below, send me a message! I’d love to chat. 

Q. What the hecky is a Content Designer?

A Content Designer is a little bit of a marketing unicorn! The oh-so-technical term for someone who has taken the time to focus on several skills surrounding online content and the way users engage with it.

Content Design is the middle ground between research, user experience, strategy and slick-as-hell graphic design. We all want to appear as an industry expert to our new and future clients, and that is where my zone of genius comes in.

I help biz owners identify their target audience’s issues and pain points and craft a buyer’s journey between ‘stranger on the internet’ and ‘raving fan’. Some of my clients need help from planning to implementation because they are running a solo show and want to scale up, others are just looking for me to develop a single workbook or brochure. 

As always, there are no cookie-cutter solutions here, so if you’re not sure where to start or if we would be a good fitdrop me a line—I’ll let you know what I can do for you, or point you in the right direction. 

Q. Are you accepting new clients?

I am currently accepting Three Weeks in advance of your project start date. 

If you need your project in a hurry and can’t wait, send me a message and we’ll see if I can fit you in or I will recommend someone in my top list to take on your project instead. Looking for graphic design or single landing pages? I can fit you in before then.

Q. Can we go for a coffee and chat?

Currently, the only ‘coffee and chats’ I’m taking on are for blog collaborations. See the question below for more deets.

If you’re looking for help with your WordPress site, I co-lead the local Halifax WordPress Meetup and will be there each month offering help to those looking for it. So if you’re wondering what kind of content to put on your site, how to use content to generate more relationships and the like—come down to the meetup. You can find more details right here:

Q. Are you open to collaboration on posts/podcasts/etc?

Heckin yes. If you are open to being a part of a blog post, I’m currently accepting requests for people willing to put in some work on their social media platforms and websites. Send me the link to the account you want a new strategy for and your general goals for the platform, and I’ll get in touch with a timeline for when we can get together and collaborate on a blog post. You must be willing to make changes to your strategy based on the advice given and take some screencaps and video. (It’ll be fun, I promise.)

Looking to have me on your blog/podcast/webinar? Send an email to and we can work out the details. 

Q. What are your fees?

There is no cookie-cutter solution to design & marketing, and no cookie-cutter prices to go with it. I have a standard set of fees that we can discuss during your discovery call that depends on what services you are looking to have completed and we will create a custom package for your needs based on what add-ons you would like to include.

Packages are paid in Phases as the work is completed, to make it easier to get your business to the next level without detrimentally affecting your company’s cash flow.

If your project requires the addition of a copywriter, photographer or otherwise, you’ll still receive one quote with all services you’d like on your project listed –so you can see exactly how the cost of your project breaks down before making your decision on which package to choose.

Q. Do you have any standard packages?

I don’t have any standard packages. I like to meet up online or in-person before taking on any new projects so I can get an idea of what the end goal of the project is. After that, I custom craft 2-3 options so that you can choose the set up that works best for your business and budget without jeopardizing the quality of the work produced.

There isn’t any obligation to start the project until an agreement has been formalized; so if the services I offer don’t feel like they will be a good fit on either side, we still have time to chat it over before any decisions are made.

The exception to this is in single strategy sessions. 

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