It’s all fun & games until you’re hella burned out.

Take a deep breath, I’m here to help. I’m a content manager—a.k.a business bestie—for SMB owners overwhelmed by the digital marketing space.

Newsletters, website updates, blog posts, social—I’m your go-to girl for ditching the burnout and getting back to rocking your business on the regular.

I’m just a designer, standing in front of a SMALL business owner, telling them I’m in love—with content.

I’ve been in business for nearly 7 years and can tell you that when it comes to online marketing, I get how exhausting it can be. Raise your hand if your own marketing efforts get pushed to the weekends, after dinner, or between meetings while all your best energy goes to your clients? 🙋

That’s where a Content Manager comes in. Whether it’s the graphic design, the writing, the organization, or the execution; I’m here to help you stand out online without burning out completely.

Content Strategy


I started as a graphic designer nearly a decade ago, so if you’re just looking for the design aspect of your online presence, you’ll find out more right here. 

Recent example of graphic design


Let’s talk about your goals, your product launches and all of the content you’ll need mapped out for 12 months at a time for success. 

Mockup of recent work completed for The Gardener Halifax


Want the editing, design, management and execution of your strategy but don’t have a budget for a team? Consider me your right-hand-woman. 

Hey there, I’m Crystal.

I’m a content-focused graphic designer helping business owners create captivating content to fuel their growth online.

From developing strategies to website design, social media content, and sales funnels—I’m your catalyst to move from overwhelmed/burned out to smashing your marketing goals regularly.

I’m the gin to your tonic if you want to:

  • Create content (social media, blogs, etc.) on a regular schedule—including the editing, graphics, a dash of SEO and publishing.
  • Build a newsletter, social media presence, sales funnel, etc. to keep new leads coming in. 
  • Build a website on WordPress, Shopify or Squarespace that works for your biz—or edit what you already have.
  • Have a marketing team of one with the chops to take on all your marketing needs.

Want to find out more? Check out my about page. 

Yea, my clients are the bee’s knees.

For more Client Testimonials – check out this page here, or connect with me on Linkedin.

Gina Brown

Gina Brown

NovaHeart Media

Alison Knott

Alison Knott

Owner, Alison K Consulting

When I think of Crystal, the following words come to mind: passionate, thorough, curious and driven. Crystal always deep-dives into client needs, marketing trends, and most importantly… what’s coming down the pipe for the future.

Vicki Bates

Vicki Bates

Owner, PEAS

Being a systems-oriented person myself, I truly appreciated Crystal’s precise methods, her step-by-step processes and her communication style. No matter how many questions I asked, she was always quick to respond, and in a way that I completely understood the answers. 

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