Event Promotion Campaign

The Money Finder | Event Collateral

The Challenge:

My time with The Money Finder marked their 3rd Annual Cash Flow Symposium. While I was not originally on the event committee for the Symposium, my team was open to new ideas on how to make the event memorable for the limited Target Audience we had. With under 300 people to target and a sales requirement of 100, I put forward the idea of coming up with an awards portion of the Symposium event: to congratulate the active members of the designation and to be used as a promotion campaign for the following year. I worked in collaboration with the Marketing team’s Communication Coordinator and Manager to promote this addition to the event.

The Solution:

This project included extensive research on how to properly promote the VIP awards, and how to execute the awards into a full VIP experience. At the time that this promotion was created, we only had access to our Target Audience via a newsletter. I put forward the idea to create a Facebook Group for our Certified Cash Flow Specialists to interact with each other, that would then give us an additional avenue to promote targeted campaigns. In collaboration with the Marketing team, we built up a Facebook Group for 30 days before launching our promotions to them there, utilizing their natural tendency for competition to motivate each other to sign up. Included in this promotion package were Facebook/Newsletter Adverts, Digital Poster, Symposium Program Advert, Printed Certificates and glass cut awards.

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