Sorespots website design

Sorespots Massage Therapy    |    Web Design, Squarespace

The Challenge:

When this client decided to open a second location for their massage therapy services, it became essential to have a website to describe both the services available and the locations. 

Going from a booking software to a website meant developing a buyer’s journey that would allow users to learn about the company, but then seamlessly return from the website to the booking and payment system. 


The Solution:

A massage therapy practice needs a website to establish its online presence and reach a wider audience. In today’s digital age, people often turn to the internet to search for local businesses and services, including massage therapists. Having a website not only provides potential clients with information about the practice’s services, pricing, and location, but it also allows them to book appointments and contact the therapist directly.

A website also serves as a platform to showcase the therapist’s expertise, testimonials from satisfied clients, and educational content on the benefits of massage therapy. For this project, we decided to use Squarespace as the web platform and integrate it with Jane App for the booking and payment features. We focused on making sure the branding was applied accurately across the website, and gave the impression of both a clinical setting and a relaxing space. 

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