REACH Boarding website redesign

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The Challenge:

REACH Boarding is the global leader in boarding school automation with over 300 schools across 5 continents using REACH to manage risk, gain efficiency and improve communications throughout their boarding operations.

I was able to work on this website with branding by the exceptional Brittany Pickrem, a brand expert based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The original website had been built in-house to showcase their app, but as they prepared to launch their new branding, they decided to overhaul the website as well.

With most redesigns, much of the information for this project was already available online. The biggest impact we could make with this site was by focusing on how the users interacted with information available.


The Solution:

We conducted extensive research into how the user would benefit from each piece of information about the application, and set up the structure of the website with 3 buyer profiles in mind.

Navigation was added between pages to make sure each type of buyer would be able to find the information they were looking for to lead them to a ‘yes’ decision, while also making the option to book a demo available at optimal times for each of our 3 buyer personas.

We created graphics to help the end user digest larger amounts of information in a smaller time, focusing on numbers that helped the user come to a ‘yes’ decision throughout their time on the website. As well, we reorganized information within groups, keeping in mind the hierarchy of importance for each of our buyers. Information that would need to be taken away for the final decision maker was added into downloadable PDF’s created by Brittany, and placed in strategic locations for the user to download. 

Finally, we integrated the final website with their mailing list software, removed all old content and outdated plugins, and ran extensive testing prior to launch. To take a look at the full site design, check them out at

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