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The Challenge:

While working for The Money Finder, part of the incentive for Financial Advisors to enter the program was marketing tools to help with their practice. While the company was small, many advisors became accustomed to emailing the team for any requests that they had for the design staff. When the Marketing team was formed, and the company prepared to scale up, this became an unrealistic way of dealing with rising demand for Marketing Materials.

The Solution:

This was the first big idea I was able to put forward in the company. With the support of the Marketing team, I was able to craft the first package utilizing skills from all 3 Marketing team members. A Logo and branding was designed for the package, but all tools were developed with as little branding as possible, so Advisors using these tools could seamlessly pass them off as native content. While working with this package, I was able to contribute not only my design skills but also my content writing – having written several tutorials to assist Advisors in building their own materials.

July Package:

Our first package to launch was a pretty small one. We wanted to test the waters and see how people would react without sinking too much time into it. When we started, it was just 3 of us on the team so the majority of the content was generated by the Communications Coordinator and myself. We didn’t have a theme for the packages at this point, so we launched offering them blog tips and topics, a marketing tip, social media images and a client appreciation card that was set up for printing at home or sending out. Having offered printable greeting cards on Etsy in the past helped with the pre-press for these packages.

August Package:

We started to get into the idea of having a theme by this point. August was also the first month that I was encouraged to take advantage of the writing skills our Communications Coordinator was helping me develop; I wrote a tutorial helping our clients use Canva to increase their online presence. We also used this package to start stripping the company branding off previously offered materials so that the clients could use them as native content, rather than having our company’s bright orange and gold on all materials provided.

November Package:

Skipping ahead a few months, we were at the point where clients noticed the updated materials coming out and were starting to make requests. We used these requests to nail down monthly themes structured around the data collected on our Target Audience’s needs. November was a huge package, built around a presentation they could use for their practice. We rebuilt the Presentation and all materials already provided with minimal branding and instruction on how to update the presentation, and also included several special requests. At this point, we knew that the company wanted to move to tiered pricing, so I put forward the idea of providing print-house pre-press files only so we would be creating a future pain point that our tiered pricing would solve upon launch. (We received confirmed data within a week of the package launch when our clients started requesting to pay more to have ready-made marketing products sent to them!)

December Package:

For December, we had the idea for something special. We were going to offer an item every day for 12 days in December instead of the monthly marketing package in its usual one-click-download format. I wanted to move forward with this package by measuring what was being downloaded, what time of day it was downloaded and how long clients were staying on the site after the download took place. I worked with one of the lead developers to set up Google tags to fire upon download and learned how to use analytics to view and measure this data. I worked with our new Marketing Associate to build a strategy that would provide some AB testing on a small scale, by offering the daily items in different ways across our available platforms.


This was the project that helped me learn the most while working for The Money Finder. After realizing that we had an underused online platform and monthly rising churn, the Monthly Marketing package was an idea I put forward in June 2016 to combat these issues. The first package launched July 2nd, offering a range of Marketing tools, tips and blog post ideas. We used a set of analytics tags to measure our Target Audience’s responses to items offered in the Monthly Marketing package, measuring downloads by file name. A Marketing strategy was built around each package, using our Target Audience’s direct requests to build out packages of tools for them to use in their own practice.

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