Ethan Kim Law Squarespace Website    |    Web Design, Squarespace

The Challenge:

Ethan Kim & Associates provides a wide range of legal services in Halifax, Nova Scotia. When we started working with Ethan, he was working under Kim Lake Law and needed a new branding, brand guide, collateral and website designed for the new partnership.

The particlar challenge they faced was where they were located. They work out of a professional centre that provdies advertising space for a multitude of businesses, and they wanted theirs to stand out.


The Solution:

While my husband worked on creating a wayfinding system for in-person clients, I worked on creating a SquareSpace website. We took all of the available services and made them as easy to access and understand as possible. Working with the client’s copywriter, we created a design to support the multiple buyer’s journeys throughout the website.

We included documentation to ensure the client could make changes as required.


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