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The Challenge:

Allie Marcus is a Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, and the founder of Eat Clean Feel Better, a 12-session program to help educate clients on the fundamentals of making healthy lifestyle choices. Working one-on-one with Allie Marcus, clients learn how to take control of their nutrition and get what their body needs. The objective of the program is to start losing weight as a side effect of living well, rather than as the focus of their life.

I met with Allie while out in California working with Mastin Kipp on his Claim Your Power Live event in 2017. She was having issues with her current website causing her ads on Facebook to be banned.

When I first got started with Allie Marcus she had an idea for a program and was already working with a local wellness centre building her client list. Between clients and her coaching, availability was limited; so we worked over a period of 5 months to create her program offerings, site content, branding and collateral through weekly sessions.

The Solution:

Allie started out with a basic WordPress + Divi package, which included a 5-page website built in WordPress, Website Strategy, Buyer Personas and Content Workbooks to assist in developing sales copywriting with 5 one-on-one sessions to help edit the copy together. Allie’s site was built with the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes (Aff Link).

We worked together to identify her target audience, and when it became clear that Allie needed a little more help with the organization of her program, we worked through two 2-hour sessions to create what is now the Eat Clean Feel Better 12-week program.

Having the program developed as a repeatable 12-session package allowed us to build her website around this central service. Her content books were created to help guide her copywriting, however, due to time constraints I completed this section of the project for her. I used the copy (written content) from her original website as a base and finished the copywriting for this website to make sure we were able to launch on time.

During the site build, we realized that Allie did not have branding for her business. Without the budget to create a custom logo, I created a wordmark using the font we had chosen for her website to develop the branding now used.

Once her website was complete, we moved on to create her opt-in download, which you can download on her website at

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