East coast Mermaid website redesign

East Coast Mermaid    |    Web Design, WordPress

The Challenge:

In 2021 the client’s website EastCoastMermaid.com started gaining traction as a big-name travel influencer in New Brunswick. As I was working with this client on retainer for her multiple businesses, we decided to use some of our time to give this website a major overhaul—switching it from a free theme to a premium theme with upgraded plugins.


The Solution:

After researching several options for the client, she decided on a theme that worked best for her. The challenge was making sure the website was updated during off-peak times—so it was scheduled to be updated overnight on a Tuesday when visitors were lowest. We created social media posts to warn visitors when the site would be down for maintenance and installed a plugin to keep visitors from seeing the website while it was updated. 

The final product is a modern website with an advanced navigation, making it effortless for clients to find what content they’re looking for. 


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