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Crystal Richard & Co. is a public relations consultant based in Moncton, New Brunswick. When I started working with Crystal as a content manager mid-2019, she decided to work with me on this website as well since I was familiar with her brand and the direction she was going in. Crystal wanted a website that was vibrant with East Coast vibes and included an e-commerce store so she could create and market digital products to capture a segment of her audience that wasn’t at the stage where they could afford a consultant retainer yet. She also wanted to start a regular blog and newsletter that would eventually feed into her online course.

The challenge we were working with was how to create a website that would eventually function as a central hub, and would offer e-commerce and also link seamlessly with Kajabi (her online course platform.) Because we didn’t yet have the online course created, the website needed to be designed to leave room to grow.


Because I was working with her as a content manager, the solution was to build this website in phases. The first phase of the build was for a Squarespace website with an e-commerce shop. We used custom photography by Kelly Lawson shot at Grand Manan Island to give the website an ‘East Coast Summer’ vibe and the colours from her existing brand, and clipped out the background to make sure all headers were mobile-friendly. With Crystal’s experience as a popular travel blogger,  she was able to craft compelling copy that was lightly edited prior to use for SEO purposes to make sure we were connecting with the right audience for each page. The final product of this first phase was a 10 page Squarespace website with a blog and e-commerce shop for digital products.

This project was unique as I was also Crystal’s content manager for 2.5 years, so the website has evolved over our time together. As we built her email list and her online course, we created email funnels with landing pages directly on her own website, hosted webinars, created email challenges and more (you can read about that here – link coming soon.) We eventually built a collective login on the website to host a paid membership group and connected her website to the online course we built in Kajabi.

"incredibly organized!"

Crystal is incredibly organized! If I mentioned an idea in passing, she had it on a list or trello card somewhere and as someone who is naturally very organized, I appreciated having someone on my team that is equally organized.

Mockup of Crystal Richard & Co Product and Shop Page on her Squarespace website


Over the course of 2.5 years, we developed and added many digital products to this shop based on what the Crystal Richard & Co. audience was looking for. Because Crystal was so engaged with her audience, she was able to create an agile shop catering to their needs throughout the year. We worked on a number of products from Public Relations Pitch Templates, Press Release Templates, Public Relations Pitch Calendars, Bundles and more.

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