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The Challenge:

While working for The Money Finder, I collaborated with the Marketing team to come up with this campaign to increase Early Bird Ticket sales for the 2016 Cash Flow Symposium. I proposed the idea of offering an incentive for our Target Audience (pre-existing clients) to work with the company Marketing Team for a day’s worth of work from each of the three team members. This promotion included an offer for pre-existing materials to be reformatted with their own branding, custom social media images, and an in-depth analysis of their online presence with tips on how to optimize it.

The Solution:

This was one of the later Early Bird promotions run for the 2016 Symposium. Many of the Target Audience were interested in learning more about marketing and getting free tools to use for their own practice. We marketed this Lead Magnet with Facebook, Newsletter & Digital Posters, and the draw was conducted at the conclusion of a presentation I did at the Symposium about the importance of Branding in your online presence. The original scope was extended to include some additional tools requested from the client, as by the time we worked on the contest winner, there were 5 people in the marketing team. At the time we were still restricted to a 2 tone Brand Pallet, so an additional pop of purple was added to help the contest stand out from the rest of the website.

Contest Winner

We had an additional two team members when the time came to complete materials for our contest winner. As such, we included extra materials requested by the client to assist in her Marketing Strategy. This included an hour-long presentation with four members of marketing, where I contributed the digital materials below and the Twitter/Pinterest strategy for her marketing plan.

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