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The Challenge:

After spending a couple of months immersed in learning inbound content planning with a focus on lead magnets, I needed to test my skills. Working with Alison K Consulting, I wanted to see the results I could expect from a business that was 3+ years old after the implementation of an inbound content plan. We developed this plan by shifting focus from dollars for hours to a business model with a portion of revenue coming from Passive income.

The biggest challenge facing us for this content strategy was the very nature of WordPress. With new features being generated all the time on this open-source platform, planning ahead for types of posts meant looking at it from a ‘bigger picture’ POV.

The Solution:

Knowing that WordPress changes with every update they put out, we focused on looking at the types of content that would take advantage of Alison’s natural ability to speak on the fly. As an instructor at NSCAD and NSCC, she was used to presenting new material from an outline and using her high energy to make the content interesting. With this in mind, I developed a concept for doing a “WordPress over Lunch” presentation of what’s new in WordPress, allowing her to answer questions and connect with the community on a weekly basis. This sidestepped any challenges of changing technology by coming up with the topic the week before.

Would I recommend this for everyone? Absolutely not. But with a presence as strong as Alison’s, it was perfect.

From there we created a content strategy that involved pivoting the content she was creating weekly across a multitude of platforms, simplifying her content creation process to make it fit into her busy lifestyle.

The result was a quarterly guide. Along with written out explanations of each content type, Alison was provided with printable flow charts showing how traffic should be directed so that clients would pass through an appropriate sales funnel, and calendars for the months of March to June showing her what static content could be scheduled at the beginning of each week. Last, I included extensive instructions on what opt-ins should be developed and where they directed traffic.

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