Book Jacket Design

The Money Finder | Graphic Design

The Challenge:

While working with The Money Finder, a project came in to make a unique book cover for a book called “$pent, by Stephanie Holmes-Winton.” This book is about the Seven Money Mindsets used by Certified Cash Flow Specialists to assist their clients in setting up Behavioural Cash Flow Plans that work for the client to help them fund their dreams. We wanted to make something to cover the book with so that The Money Finder could give an amount of these books to their Partners at BMO.

The Solution:

I wanted to focus on the Money Mindsets in the book, so the cover was designed to indicate 7 Possible Money Mindsets via illustration. The Illustration featured a person in the middle with highlighted cogs to designate the “mindset” portion of the concept, with seven bubbles in a circle encompassing it with icons to denote the idea behind each mindset. We then added an addition to the bottom of the cover to customize the book for BMO.

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