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The Challenge:

The 2016 Cash Flow Symposium marked the 3rd annual event put on by The Money Finder. As their largest live event of the year, an entire collateral set was required. This included Promotional adverts for social media, the build of a Facebook group to cross promote the event, Presentation slide decks, Presentation exercise sheets, Guest lanyards, Event Program, etc. In addition, I requested to do a speaking session at the event, so an additional slide deck and exercise sheet was created for this.

The Solution:

This project included the development of its own branding. At the time there were only 2 colours in use by the company, so we added an abstract background and an event logo to differentiate the Symposium from other branded materials. At the time, a new website was under development for the company, so we also built the website that is used for sales.

Promotional Website

3-Day Turnaround

Updated website was not available during promotional campaigns, so this page was built out in 3 days – optimized for the sale of Symposium Tickets. My contribution was the site design, assets and website build using WordPress and the Divi framework.

Responsive Web Design

Site built for viewing on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop – tested across all browsers at time of launch. (Lucky us, a large portion of our Target Audience still used Explorer.)

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The current website is out of date, please see the full project here to view screencaps of last year’s website design.

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