The other day I was surfing around my favourite travel website when I found some cheap flights out to Ireland for October. It just happened to be right at the end of a very large project, so I booked the trip with my partner Jason.

I have a lot of things that I love about travelling, but one of my favourite things to do is actually pretty nerdy; I like to design the collateral around my trips. While my partner books our hostels and cars, I make pretty things. (It’s an extremely helpful use of my time. Pretty sure.)

Booking this trip made me think of the last epic trip I took with Jason back in 2015. I was freshly out of school and working at a print shop where I wasn’t using my design skills as much, so I used the idea of 2 designers travelling together to create this branding/collateral package.

Accommodations brochure

This was the most useful piece of collateral out of the whole package! I had listed photos of each accommodation, directions and used iconography to display what was included. Instead of having to look up each place in our Expedia account, we had it all at our fingertips. This helped us decide on what we would need to pick up from the store before settling in for the night, and the note of how long between each destination made it easier to choose what we would do each day.

Travel toiletries packaging

I still remember to this day the look on our TSA officer’s face when we pulled out matching, branded bags with our shampoo, conditioner, etc in them. I thought for a moment they were going to take them for testing, the woman looked so suspicious. I’m still not sure how legal it was to label the products properly, but I was able to pull the information on ingredients for each product off amazon.  (Just in case, you know?)

Pet instructions sheets

Back then I was the proud owner of a Bearded Dragon lizard and two finicky old cats. With my partner’s sister coming to take care of our animals, I made sure to create these branded instruction sheets for her to reference during our 10-day trip away from home. I also created emergency contact cards for our families to hold onto and created checklists to make sure we were more than ready for our trip when the time came.

Now that we’re getting ready for Ireland with a quick 2-day stopover in Scotland, it’s gotten me thinking about what kind of branding package we can work on this time for Designed 2 Travel, Ireland edition. Stay tuned!