Take your time back. Run your business AND continually make new connections online. It’s possible when you have a marketing plan in place.

Crystal Picard Design & Marketing is a GRAPHIC DESIGN and DIGITAL MARKETING studio located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, working one-on-one with solopreneurs to develop key messaging that helps small businesses connect with their buyers in a BIG WAY.

With clients this good, who needs a 9 to 5?

Sarah Muir

Sarah Muir

Owner, Stellaria Herbals

“…Crystal created a fabulous Content Marketing Plan for my business, Stellaria Herbals. Within the past year I have launched a new website and opened several social media accounts. Although thrilled with my new website, and now comfortable with, and inspired to use social media, I had no plan, or idea of how to make a good plan, of how to put it all to use. I had no idea of where to start with it all. Ideas that I did have were scatted and fragmented and not part of a cohesive plan. Crystal was just who I needed! The consult process with Crystal helped me to get clear with my business goals, my marketing goals, and how I might like to achieve them. This process alone was extremely helpful…”

Anita Kirkbride

Anita Kirkbride

Owner, Twirp Communications

“…Crystal is clearly connected to the universe. I told the universe one day I needed someone who knew how to design, market and promote instructional ebooks, and a few days later Crystal and I crossed paths. When we had our first meeting, I had the guts of an ebook, but I was stuck on the layout and design. I knew any good graphic designer could help, but I wanted someone who specialized in ebook design. I walked away from that first meeting absolutely blown away by Crystal’s knowledge of the ebook process and all of the little things she knew I had to do to make the ebook a success. If you are working on an ebook or other types of digital download, Crystal is the one to call…”

Alison Knott

Alison Knott

Owner, Eraserheader Design

“…Crystal knows the right questions to ask in order to get to the important changes I needed to propel my marketing forward. In a sea of content marketers promising me ‘quick solutions to reaching my audience and triple my income’, Crystal’s methods stand out as solid and strategic. She insures my vision and voice remain in the content she produces for me. When it comes to investing in systems to propel my sole proprietorship forward, Crystal is one asset I cannot do without. I encourage any small business looking to offset the time and energy required in creating relevant content invest in Crystal’s services. She is as valuable to my business as the servers I run my clients’ sites on…”

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